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March 5

The State of Tech in Europe

Marco Marinucci - Mind The Bridge (IT | USA)
Gené Teare - Crunchbase (USA)

In Session Seven we present the results of recent quantitative assessments of the European startup and scaleup ecosystem that have been performed by the MindTheBridge innovation thinktank in partnership with Crunchbase and Startup Europe. Our two speakers will discuss major trends in continent-wide startup deals, corporate M&A activity, and current patterns in the scaleup and unicorns landscape of Europe and the US. Data presented are for 2017 - 2013, and include the United Kingdom.

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March 12

Kosovo|Albania & Germany : eCommerce Portals & InterCity Mobility Startups

Mergim Cahani - Gjirafa (KOS | AL)
Pierre Gourdain - FlixBus (Munich)
Burton Lee - Stanford Engineering (Silicon Valley)

In our final Session Eight we present two rapid-growth startups from widely contrasting regions of Europe. Kosovo recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as an independent nation, and together with Albania represents a newly emerging community in the Balkans that has to date received little international attention around entrepreneurship, innovation, science or technology. Bavaria, in contrast, is one of Europe's oldest, wealthiest and most mature economies, and home to world-renowned technology corporations and universities. Gjirafa, our second startup from the emerging Balkans ecosystem and headquartered in Kosovo, is the leading eCommerce internet portal for the Albanian-speaking community and diaspora. FlixBus, an intercity mobility services company based in Munich (vs Berlin or Hamburg, where our previous German startups have originated), is a rare but exciting example of a European startup leveraging traditional European strengths and an innovative business model to enter the US market, in this case with the goal of revitalizing America's intercity ground transportation infrastructure. The course instructor will wrap up the Winter Quarter with a summary of key themes and lessons from our 2018 speakers and panels.

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Partners 2018

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Mind The Bridge Foundation (MTB)

Time | Directions

Mondays 4:30 - 5:50 pm | Winter Quarter
Hewlett Teaching Center | Auditorium 201
Stanford University, Engineering Campus
370 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

Free On-Campus Parking from 4pm Onwards
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Schedule 2018 - Year Nine

January 8

Sweden & France : Autonomous Truck Startups
and State Venture Banks

Course Introduction & Logistics
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Robert Falck - Sweden

CEO & Founder

@EinrideOfficial || @Falck_Robert
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Paul-Francois Fournier - France

Chief Innovation Officer

@BpiFranceInno || @Paul_F_Fournier
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Burton Lee - Silicon Valley

Lecturer - European Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Stanford Mechanical Engineering
@Europreneurs || @BurtonLee

January 22

Czechia & Slovakia : Venture Capital & Startup Ecosystems
in Central Europe

Session #2 Introduction & Logistics
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Andrej Kiska - Czech Republic


Credo Ventures
@CredoVentures || @KiskAndrej
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Barbara Pivnicka - USA

Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic

San Francisco Global Trade Council
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Pavel Serbajlo - Slovakia


January 29

Estonia : Urban Delivery Robot Startups & eGovt Innovation

Session #3 Introduction
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Ahti Heinla - Estonia

CEO & Co-Founder

Starship Technologies
@StarshipRobots || @AhtiH
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Toomas Hendrik Ilves - Silicon Valley

Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Hoover Institution || President of Estonia (2006-2016)
@StanfordCISAC || @IlvesToomas
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Andrus Viirg - Estonia


Enterprise Estonia - Silicon Valley
@e-Estonia || @AndrusViirg
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Rainer Sternfeld - Silicon Valley


PlanetOS (acquired by Intertrust)
@IntertrustTech || @RSternfeld

February 5

Slovenia & Turkey : Startup Accelerators and Ecosystems
in the Balkans and Southeast Europe

Session #4 Introduction
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Ana Lukner Roljič - Slovenia

Managing Director

ABC Accelerator
@abc_accelerator || @AnaLukner
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Juš Dobnikar - Slovenia

CEO & Co-Founder

ABC Business Academy
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Duygu Oktem Clark - Turkey

Business Development Leader

TTA Turkey | European Investment Fund
@T_T_G_V || @DuyguOktem
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Richard Pivnicka - USA

Honorary Consul General, Czech Republic

Band of Angels

February 12

Switzerland : Corporate and University Roles
in Growing Startup Ecosystems

Session #5 Introduction
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Penny Schiffer - Switzerland

Head of Startup Initiatives

@SwisscomStartUp || @PennySchiffer
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Lea von Bidder - Switzerland

President, Co-Founder & VP Marketing

Ava Science
@AvaWomen || @LeaVonBidder
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Andrea Fossati - Switzerland

CEO & Co-Founder

Parquery AG

February 26

New EU Data Privacy Rules | GDPR : Lessons & Risks for Silicon Valley Corporates & Startups

Sub-title: 'The European Union Invades Silicon Valley'

Session #6 Introduction
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Leila Golchehreh - USA

Senior Corporate Counsel, Privacy & Compliance

Adaptive Insights
@AdaptiveInsights || @LeilaGolchehreh
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Sabrina Ross - USA

Legal Director of Privacy and Consumer Protection (2014-2017)

Uber & Apple
@Uber || @Apple || @SabrinaRoss
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Marcel van der Heijden - Silicon Valley & Austria

Partner | VP Business Development

SpeedInvest | Aircloak
@SpeedInvest || @Aircloak || @Marcel_v_d_H
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Mirena Taskova - Silicon Valley

Senior Privacy Advisor

@Fieldfisher || @MirenaTaskova

March 5

The State of Tech in Europe

A Pan-European View on Startup and Scaleup Deal Flow, Venture Capital Funding and Corporate M&A Activity

Session #7 Introduction
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Marco Marinucci - Italy

Founder & CEO

Mind The Bridge
@MindTheBridge || @MMarinucci
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Gené Teare - South Africa

Head of Content

@Crunchbase || @GeneTeare

March 12

Kosovo|Albania & Germany : eCommerce Portals and InterCity Mobility Startups

Session #8 Introduction

Course Summary : Why Europe?

Course Summary : Reflections on America - Lessons from Europe
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Pierre Gourdain - Munich


@FlixBus || @Gourdain
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Mergim Cahani - Kosovo | Albania

Founder & CEO

@GjirafaShqip || @MergimCahani
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Burton Lee - Silicon Valley

Lecturer - European Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Stanford Mechanical Engineering
@Europreneurs || @BurtonLee

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