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March 4

Madrid + Granada : Cybersecurity Startups, Exits, Hackers, VC & Spain's Tech Ecosystem

Julio Casal - 4iQ | AlienVault (Madrid & Silicon Valley)
Santiago Bassett - Wazuh (Granada & Silicon Valley)

Session #7 drills down into the Madrid startup and tech ecosystem, as well as the growing Madrid-Granada connection and emerging Granada tech hub in southern Spain. Our speakers are two of Spain's leading cybersecurity software startup founders and technology experts, and demonstrate Spain's substantial depth in cybersecurity software for enterprises. Julio founded AlienVault in 2007 and secured venture financing from Adara Ventures, Intel Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, among other VC funds. AlienVault's exit to ATT in 2018 represents one of the biggest growth stories and successes in Spanish startup history. His new cybersecurity startup 4iQ builds on and extends the Madrid-Granada talent infrastructure developed by the AlienVault team. Santiago is a former member of Julio's AlienVault team who has gone on to become a prominent tech founder in Granada, and a leader in the Spanish open source community as CEO of Wazuh. We are honored to present Julio, who has played a foundational and historic role in growing Madrid's and Spain's tech talent base, university computer science community, founder culture and ecosystem foundations during the past 30+ years.

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March 11

Europe's Software Industry :: Growth Paths to Global Parity :: A Mini-Summit @ Stanford

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Manfred Broy - Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern | TU Munich (Munich)
Andy Bechtolsheim - Arista Networks | Sun Microsystems
Toomas Hendrik Ilves - President (Emeritus) of Estonia (Silicon Valley)
Helen Arnold - SAP Data Network (San Francisco)
Xavier Wartelle - French Tech Hub (San Francisco)
Kwame Yamgnane - Ecole 42 USA (Silicon Valley)
Jyri Engeström - YesVC (San Francisco)
Richard Socher - Salesforce (San Francisco)
Henri Deshays - NewFund (Silicon Valley | Paris)
Frederic Hanika - Software AG (Silicon Valley)
Sergii Gorpynich - Star (SV | Ukraine | Poland)
Alfonso de la Nuez - UserZoom (SV | Barcelona)
Lasse Andresen - ForgeRock (SV | Norway)
Chair: Dr. Burton Lee - Stanford Engineering
Time: 4:30 - 7:30pm | Limited Seating

Our Final Session 2019 addresses one of Europe's most critical and strategic challenges for the 21st Century - how to grow a domestic software industry that can compete globally with the USA and China. Our panel of distinguished speakers - founders, investors, scientists and policy-makers - will address the current state of Continental Europe's software sector in selected countries and regions, and then move to a wide-ranging discussion and debate about the path forward for Europe in software and data.

This special extended session will touch on Europe's track record and initiatives in artificial intelligence (AI), Industry4.0, IoT, embedded systems, cybersecurity, and high performance computing (HPC), along with personal and industrial data management practices and policies, but will move beyond this fragmented framework to a broader strategic consideration of the complete software industry. We shall pay particular attention to diverging corporate valuations, multipliers and job creation benefits associated with consumer software, enterprise software, gaming, social media and data platform business models. The economic cost and benefits of certain data protection and copyright regulations now being implemented in Europe - and their potential for retarding and shrinking demand for new software products and services - will also figure prominently in this unique Mini-Summit on Growing Europe's Software Industry.

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Sponsors 2019

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Center for Design Research (CDR), Design Group

Time | Directions

Mondays 4:30 - 5:50 pm | Winter Quarter
Hewlett Teaching Center | Auditorium 201
Stanford University, Engineering Campus
370 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

Free On-Campus Parking from 4pm Onwards (from 6pm Onwards at the Oval)
Parking and On-Campus Directions

Schedule 2019 - Year Ten

January 7

Czech Republic : Startups & Tech Ecosystems in Central Europe

Course Introduction & Logistics
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Hubert Palan - Prague | SV

CEO & Founder

@ProductBoard || @HPalan

January 14

Berlin : New Mobile Banking Unicorns || EU GDPR Data Privacy Update

Session #2 Introduction & Logistics
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Nicolas Kopp - NYC | Berlin


@n26 || @NiccKopp
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Mirena Taskova - Silicon Valley

Senior Associate & Privacy Advisor

@Fieldfisher || @MirenaTaskova

January 28

Flanders : From WW1 Battlefields to Global Leadership in Enterprise Software & Semiconductors

Session #3 Introduction
Generic placeholder image

Hendrik Isebaert - Gent BE

Vice President - Sales

@Showpad || @HIsebaert
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Dirk Wauters - Leuven BE

CEO (Emeritus) | Media & Software Executive

Siemens Networks Belgium
Generic placeholder image

Nathalie Delrue-McGuire - SF

Honorary Consul of Belgium (SF & Silicon Valley) | Board Member & Co-Founder

BelCham Bay Area
@BelchamUS || @Nathalie_SF

February 4

Turkey : Innovation Ecosystem, Family Enterprises, Wellness Startups & University Accelerators

Session #4 Introduction
Generic placeholder image

Miray Tayfun - SV | Istanbul

CEO & Co-Founder

@VivooApp || @MirayTayfun
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Ege Ertem - SV | Istanbul

General Partner

Zorlu Ventures
Generic placeholder image

Aysegül Ildeniz - Silicon Valley

Chair | Board Member

TÜSIAD Silicon Valley Network (Turkish Industry & Business Assn) | Eczacibasi | Zorlu Holding
@TusiadUS || @AyseIldeniz
Generic placeholder image

Elif Ceylan - SV | Istanbul

Managing Director, North America

ITÜ ARI Teknokent - Innogate

February 11

European Corporate Venture Capital : Aerospace & Energy

Session #5 Introduction
Generic placeholder image

Luka Tomljenovic - Silicon Valley


Airbus Ventures
Generic placeholder image

François Badoual - SV | France


Total New Energies Ventures USA
@Total || @FrancoisBadoual

February 25

Slovenia : Growing 'Bitcoin Cities' Across the Globe || GDPR Compliance Case Study || EU Digital Economy Policy

Session #6 Introduction || GDPR & Stasi Secret Files
Generic placeholder image

Dejan Roljič - Slovenia

CEO & Founder

@EligmaCom || @Tibute
Generic placeholder image

Polina Zvyagina - SF

Counsel - Product Privacy

Generic placeholder image

Peter Fatelnig - WDC | Austria

Minister-Counsellor for Digital Economy Policy

Delegation of the European Union to the United States
@EUintheUS || @PeterFatelnig

March 4

Madrid + Granada : Cybersecurity Startups, Exits, Hackers, VC & Spain's Tech Ecosystem

Session #7 Introduction || Velazquez - Goya - Chocolate
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Julio Casal - SV | Madrid

Founder & CTO || CEO & Co-Founder

4iQ || AlienVault
@4iQ || @AlienVault || @JulioCasa4iQ
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Santiago Bassett - SV | Granada

Founder & CEO

@Wazuh || @SantiagoBassett

March 11

Growing Europe's Software Industry : Opportunities & Challenges :: A Mini-Summit @ Stanford

Time: 4:30 - 7:30pm

Session #8 Introduction
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Prof. Dr. Manfred Broy - Munich

Founding President & Scientific Director

Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern
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Andreas von Bechtolsheim - SV

Co-Founder & Investor

Sun Microsystems || Arista Networks
Generic placeholder image

Toomas Hendrik Ilves - SV

Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Hoover Institution || President of Estonia (2006-2016)
@StanfordCISAC || @IlvesToomas
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Helen Arnold - San Francisco


SAP Data Network
@SAP || @Arnold_IH
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Xavier Wartelle - San Francisco

Partner | CEO (Emeritus)

big bang factory || French Tech Hub
@FrenchTechHub || @XWartelle
Generic placeholder image

Kwame Yamgnane - SV | Paris

Co-Founder | Managing Director

Ecole 42 USA
@42SiliconValley || @Kwame42
Generic placeholder image

Richard Socher - San Francisco

Chief Scientist

@Salesforce || @RichardSocher
Generic placeholder image

Henri Deshays - SV | Paris


@Newfund || @HDeshays
Generic placeholder image

Lasse Andresen - SV | Norway

CTO & Co-Founder

@ForgeRock || @Forgerock1
Generic placeholder image

Frederic Hanika - Silicon Valley

Head of M&A and Ventures

Software AG
@SoftwareAG || @FeedSH
Generic placeholder image

Jyri Engeström - San Francisco

Partner & Co-Founder

@YesVCSF || @Jyri
Generic placeholder image

Sergii Gorpynich - SV | Ukraine | Poland


@StarGlobally || @SergiiGorpynich
Generic placeholder image

Alfonso de la Nuez - SV | Barcelona

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

@UserZoom || @Delanuez23
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Burton Lee - Silicon Valley

Lecturer - European Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Stanford Mechanical Engineering (CDR)
@Europreneurs || @BurtonLee

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