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iMinds ICT Research Institute, Flanders Region, Belgium

Flanders Region, Belgium. iMINDS the Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology, is an independent research institution founded by the Flemish government in 2004. Based in Ghent, the mission of iMinds is to stimulate ICT innovation in Flanders, and to create a lasting and positive impact on society through innovation in ICT.

iMinds builds on the excellence of existing scientific research groups within the Flemish university system, and currently works with more than 1000 researchers across 19 iMinds research groups located within the Flemish universities. iMinds supports research at Flemish universities that addresses current social and economic issues with a particular focus on the following core themes: Media, Energy, Health, ICT, Manufacturing and Smart Cities. iMinds has carried out over 250 research projects within these focus areas in the past nine years.

Besides collaborating with existing institutions, it also is critically important to stimulate the creation of new startups. To this end, iMinds has developed a comprehensive incubation program to help valorize its research activities in the Belgian economy, and to support ICT entrepreneurship in Flanders more generally. Aspirant ICT entrepreneurs are coached and supported throughout the different phases of a venture, from Intellectual Property management to financing and logistical support.

Since its founding, iMinds has created 13 spin-off companies and is experiencing growing demand for startup incubation support from entrepreneurs across Flanders.

Enterprise Estonia - Silicon Valley

Enterprise Estonia is one of the largest institutions within the national support system for entrepreneurship in Estonia, providing financing products, advice, partnership opportunities and training for entrepreneurs, research and development institutions and the public and third sectors.

Enterprise Estonia actively operates in the following areas: the enhancement of the competitiveness of Estonian enterprises in foreign markets, the inclusion of foreign direct investments, inbound and domestic tourism, the elaboration of technological and innovative products and services, the development of Estonian enterprises and the entrepreneurial environment and the enhancement of general entrepreneurial awareness.

Enterprise Estonia is one of the institutions responsible for the implementation of EU structural funds in Estonia, as well as being the primary provider of support and development programmes targeted towards entrepreneurs. The agency was founded in 2000 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with the aim of promoting the competitiveness of the Estonian entrepreneurial environment and Estonian businesses, thereby increasing prosperity.

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