European Entrepreneurship & Innovation Thought Leaders Seminar


Recommended Reading

Readings on Entrepreneurship (courtesy of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program)

Readings on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe

They Made It!: How Chinese, French, German, Indian, Iranian, Israeli and other Foreign Born Entrepreneurs contributed to high tech innovation in Silicon Valley, the US and Overseas, by Angelika Blendstrup Ph.D. (2007)

Raising Venture Capital Finance in Europe: A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Investors, by Keith Arundale (2007)

Academic Entrepreneurship in Europe, by Mike Wright, Bart Clarysse, Philippe Mustar, Andy Lockett (2008)

The Cutting Edge: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in New Europe, by Ruta Aidis (Editor), Friederike Welter (2008)

Pathways to High-tech Valleys and Research Triangles: Innovative Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Transfer and Cluster Formation in Europe and the United States, by Willem Hulsink (Editor), Hans Dons (Editor) (2008)

Research and Technological Innovation: The Challenge for a New Europe, by Alberto Quadrio Curzio and Marco Fortis (2005)

Entrepreneurship Research In Europe: Outcomes And Perspectives, by Alain Fayolle (Editor), Paula Kyro (Editor), Jan M. Ulijn (Editor) (2005)

Empirical Entrepreneurship in Europe: New Perspectives, by Michael Dowling (Editor), Jurgen Schmude (Editor) (2007)

Innovation Policy in Europe: Measurement and Strategy, by Claire Nauwelaers and Rene Wintjes (2008)

Final Report of the Irish National Innovation Taskforce, Office of the Prime Minister, Dublin (2010)

Readings on Cross-Cultural Communications and Other Relevant Topics

Communicating the American Way: A Guide to Business Communications in the U.S., by Elisabetta Ghisini and Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D. (2008)

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