European Entrepreneurship & Innovation Thought Leaders Seminar

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Information for European and Other Remote Viewers

Step I: Register with Stanford's SCPD

View online, without charge, the complete Stanford EEITL seminar series presented during the Winter and Spring quarters. A full length video of each session is available to viewers in Europe and elsewhere within 2 hours of the end of each classroom session on the Stanford campus (~ 9pm Pacific time). These online video archives may not be available for viewing outside Stanford beyond the end of the respective Stanford academic quarter (March 13 and June 5). 

To access this free online content, please create a "new user" mystanfordconnection account with the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD). You will be requested to establish a unique username and password. Viewers may choose to be placed on SCPD's mailing list if they so wish. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Address and Phone Number. Your home or business address and telephone number are required (*) in order to set up your free mystanfordconnection SCPD account. The telephone number field is not restricted in the number of characters, and can accept non-US numbers; please include your country code if possible.

Customer Support. Please address any customer or technical support issues directly to SCPD at, or by phone to +1-650-725-3016.

Privacy Policy. Stanford will not release your personal contact information to any outside organizations without your express permission. Additional information on the treatment of personal data submitted as a part of this registration process is available on the SCPD registration website.

Step II: Watch Videos of Our Recent EEITL Speakers

Log In to your Stanford "returning user" account (username & password): mystanfordconnection

Browsers, Video Formats and Software Installation. The SCPD video system supports most browsers. Videos are formatted to be compatible with the Microsoft Silverlight system. You will be directed to download and install Microsoft Silverlight in your browser in order to watch SCPD videos.

Go To "Seminars" Section. Go to the "View Seminars" or "Seminars" section of the SCPD website, where you will find the European Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thought Leaders seminars listed under "Mechanical Engineering" or "ME421". Alternatively, you may search for a listing of our online videos under "europe", "entrepreneur", "innovation", "me421" or "mechanical engineering". You may then select a specific lecture video to watch from the list of recorded seminar sessions. Seminars are listed by date in chronological order.

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